3/2021 – Prof. Bartlett receives the ICTAS Junior Faculty Award. VT news story.
3/2021 – Dohgyu receives the 2021 Adhesion Society Distinguished Paper Award for his work on Programmable Adhesion.
2/2021 – Dohgyu, Ted, Haque, and Ravi present at the 2021 Adhesion Society meeting. Prof. Bartlett gave a keynote presentation and co-organized/chaired a session on the 50th anniversary of the JKR theory.
2/2021 –  Prof. Bartlett’s News & Views article Liquid assets for soft electronics published in Nature Materials.
1/2021 –  Paper on Deterministic control of adhesive crack propagation through jamming based switchable adhesives  is published in Soft Matter as an invited submission to the 2021 Soft Matter Emerging Investigators Collection.


12/2020 – Dohgyu receives the Peebles Award from the Adhesion Society.
11/2020 – Prof. Bartlett was a guest on the Soft Robotics Podcast. You can listen to the conversation on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Podcast, and other podcast providers.
11/2020 Paper on Mechanically Cloaked Multiphase Magnetic Elastomer Soft Composites for Wearable Wireless Power Transfer with Nathan Lazarus (ARL) is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
10/2020 Paper on All-graphene-based open fluidics for pumpless, small-scale fluid transport via laser-controlled wettability patterning with Carmen Gomes (ISU) and Jonathan Claussen’s (ISU) groups published in Nanoscale Horizons.
10/2020 Paper on macrophage adhesion to hydrophobically modified hydrogels with Katie Bratlie (ISU) and Shan Jiang’s (ISU) groups published in BioChemical Engineering Journal.
9/2020 Paper on Conductive liquid metal elastomer thin films with multifunctional electro-mechanical properties with Ravi Shankar (UPitt) and Qibing Pei’s (UCLA) groups published in Multifunctional Materials.
9/2020 Paper on Active Membranes on Rigidity Tunable Foundations for Programmable, Rapidly Switchable Adhesion with Dave Dillard (VT) and Kevin Turner (UPenn) published in Advanced Materials Technologies.
9/2020 – Paper on Modeling of Magnetorheological Elastomers with David Jiles Lab published in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.
9/2020 – Review paper on Solid-Liquid Composites with Rob Style et al. published in Advanced Functional Materials.
8/2020 -The Soft Materials and Structures lab moves to Virginia Tech!
7/2020 – Lin successfully defends her PhD!
7/2020 – Ravi successfully defends his PhD!
7/2020 – Dohgyu successfully defends his Masters!
6/2020 – Prof. Bartlett and Rob Style write an editorial titled Introduction to Liquid Composites as guest editors for the special Soft Matter issue on ‘Liquid Composites.’ See the collection here.
6/2020 – Haque receives a Postdoctoral Seed Grant from the Graduate College at Iowa State.
6/2020 – Prof. Bartlett’s World Science Festival presentation has been posted on YouTube. This is from the Cool Jobs program in New York City in 2019.
5/2020 – Prof. Bartlett receives a DARPA Director’s Fellowship Award.
4/2020 Paper on programmable liquid metal microstructures for multifunctional soft thermal composites published in Advanced Functional Materials and featured as a cover article. See the story by ISU.
3/2020 – Dohgyu receives the Research Excellence Award from the Graduate College. Read more here.
3/2020 – Haque, Ravi, Dohgyu, and Ted present at the Midwest Graduate Student Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM) Symposium.
2/2020 – Prof. Bartlett receives the Early Career Scientist Award from the Adhesion Society.
2/2020 – Ravi receives the Alan Gent Distinguished Student Award from the Adhesion Society. Read more here.
2/2020 – Dohgyu, Ravi, and Prof. Bartlett attend and present at the Adhesion Society in Charleston, SC. Prof. Bartlett co-organized and co-chaired a session on Soft Materials for Soft Technology.
1/2020 – Dohgyu receives the Brown Graduate Fellowship.
1/2020 – Sarah is awarded the Dean’s High Impact Award for Undergraduate Research to support her research in the lab.


12/2019 – Ravi wins two awards. The Research Excellence Award from the Graduate College and the Peebles Award from the Adhesion Society.
11/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives an invited seminar at the University of Illinois in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering.
11/2019 – Our lab hosted Science Bound students for a Saturday morning outreach event with our soft robotic gripper kits and new slingshot activity.
11/2019 – Haque and Prof. Bartlett give presentations at the IMECE in Salt Lake City.
11/2019 – Prof. Bartlett receives a NASA Iowa Space Grant Early Career Investigator Research Grant.
10/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives an invited seminar at Virginia Tech in the Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII).
8/2019 – Prof. Bartlett is invited to be a guest editor for a special issue on ‘Liquid Composites’ for the journal Soft Matter.
8/2019 – Our lab receives a Regents Innovation Fund (RIF) grant to develop active materials for advanced mechanical systems.
7/2019 – Doh-Gyu and Prof. Bartlett present posters at the Adhesion GRC. Doh-Gyu also give a presentation at the Adhesion GRS and is elected the 2020 GRS Co-Chair!
6/2019 Review paper on Switchable Adhesives for Multifunctional Interfaces with Croll Lab published in Advanced Materials Technologies.
5/2019 – Prof. Bartlett presents at the World Science Festival in New York City in the Cool Jobs program.
5/2019 Paper on soft electronic skin for multi‐site damage detection and localization with Majidi and Markvicka Labs published in Advanced Functional Materials.
5/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives an invited seminar at the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) TECH 42 meeting.
5/2019 Paper on Self-healing materials for soft-matter machines and electronics with Dickey and Majidi Labs published in Nature Asia Materials.
4/2019 Paper on liquid metal elastomer composites with controllable droplet size and loading with Martin Lab is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and is featured as a cover article.
4/2019 – Our paper on Tunable Kirigami Mechanical Metamaterials is a Top 100 Scientific Reports paper in Materials Science in 2018.
4/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives an invited seminar at Arizona State University.
4/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives a presentation at MRS Spring 2019 in Phoenix.
3/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives an invited seminar at 3M.
3/2019 – Prof. Bartlett gives a presentation and chairs a session at SPIE Smart Materials + NDE in Denver. Check out the presentation.
3/2019 Paper on collagen gel properties to regulate cancer cell migration with Schneider Lab published in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces.
2/2019 Paper on Kirigami-enabled wireless deformation sensors with Reuel Lab published in Advanced Materials Technologies.
2/2019 – Ravi, Doh-Gyu, and Prof. Bartlett present at the 2019 Adhesion Society Annual Meeting in Hilton Head, SC. Prof. Bartlett chairs a session and serves as Chair of the Soft Adhesives Division.
1/2019 – Our paper on self-stiffening composites with the Thuo lab is one of the most popular articles in Materials Horizons in 2018.
1/2019 – Congratulations to Doh-Gyu for winning the Go for the Gold Award.
1/2019 Paper on Flexible Thermoelectric Generators with Wu and Claussen Labs published in Nanoscale. Selected as Editor’s Choice: Thermoelectric nanostructures.


12/2018 – Congratulations to Ravi and Doh-Gyu for passing their preliminary exam.
11/2018 – Prof. Bartlett gives a presentation at ASME-IMECE in Pittsburgh.
10/2018 – Our lab hosted Science Bound students for a Saturday morning event with our new soft robotic gripper kits. Check out the video.
10/2018 – Prof. Bartlett part of multi-disciplinary ISU team team funded by NSF to study flexible resonant sensors.
9/2018 Paper on Multiphase Liquid Metal, Solid Particle Soft Composites with Napolitano Lab published in Advanced Functional Materials.
9/2018 – Prof. Bartlett gives seminar in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Iowa State University
7/2018 Prof. Bartlett receives a 2018 DARPA Young Faculty Award.
7/2018 – Our lab hosted a Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) summer camp event.
5/2018 Paper on Autonomous Self-Healing Electronics and Robotics with Majidi Lab published in Nature Materials. Featured on The Washington Post,, New Atlas, & others.
5/2018 – Doh-Gyu wins a poster award at the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) Tape Summit.
5/2018 Paper on Extreme Toughening of Soft Materials with Liquid Metal with Majidi Lab published in Advanced Materials.
4/2018 – Prof. Bartlett gives a presentation at MRS in Phoenix.
3/2018 – Undergraduate researcher Matthew Swift receives Stuart Honors Award for research in the lab.
3/2018 – Prof. Bartlett participates in AFRL 2030 at U. Nebraska.
3/2018 – Prof. Bartlett gives seminars in Mechanical Engineering at University of Nevada Reno & Iowa State University
3/2018 – Doh-Gyu, Ravi, and Prof. Bartlett present at the 2018 Adhesion Society Annual Meeting.
2/2018 Paper on Tunable Mechanical Metamaterials through Hybrid Kirigami Structures published in Scientific Reports.
1/2018 Paper on kirigami-inspired adhesives published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Featured on C&EN & Nanowerk.
1/2018 Paper on mechanically triggered stiffness tuning with Thuo Lab published in Materials Horizons. Featured on Materials Today,, Channel 13 news, & others. Featured as an inside cover article and on the front cover of the Fall 2018 ISU Engineering Magazine.


5/2017 Prof. Bartlett receives a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award
04/2017 – Prof. Bartlett is awarded ESC’s student nominated Outstanding Faculty Award
04/2017 – Cole receives undergraduate research grant
03/2017 – Prof. Bartlett wins the Iowa State University Research Day Lightening Talk session
02/2017 – Paper on Thermally conductive liquid metal composites published


10/2016 – Morgan and Cole JOIN THE LAB
9/2016 – Paper on Wearable Biomonitoring published
9/2016 – Ravi, Dohgyu, Katie and Matt join the lab
9/2016 – SMS Lab Website Established